Last three days…

This post is not about the last three days of anyone else’s life but about the past three days of mine. No miracle has happened in these days but I understood that nothing much is actually needed for someone to be happy. We chases bigger happiness and overlook the smaller ones. In these days I really accumulated moments that I would cherish lifetime.

One of my bff jyoti visited me during last weekend. What happened was, we were planning to celebrate her birthday out on some cool and happening place but couldn’t make it out. Then we planned to go to lucknow later that plan was ditched too. Finally we decided to celebrate her birthday on my place but neither of us were very excited as I don’t live in a big or remarkable city. A handful of fascinating monuments are there, the only enticing thing is it’s closeness with the holy city Kashi.

Well happily or unhappily she reached jaunpur at 2pm on dev dipawali. Post lunch on that very day we explored the Ghats of my city which I didn’t even realized looks mesmerising. I was utterly shocked at my ignorance for my own city so far. I was really thankful to my friend because of her only I was able to see the dev deepawali of my city.

Next day we set out to the city of ghats, varanasi. First we went to sarnath, a very serene and calm place. The place where lord buddha gave his first preaching. The place where 11th tirthankar of jainism was born. The deer park, the Stupa, Ashoka pillar, Jain temple, museum so much to delve into. This time I was lucky to see something new. some rituals performed by bauddhists by circumambulating the Dhamek Stupa, it was really beautiful to see how different cultures have different rituals.

Contended with our visit to saranath we entered BHU and have some snacks at VT, a place that gives u different kind of positive vibes. Though thronged with students you will get a different kind of satisfaction and peace. BHU seems to have its own ecosystem, a whole world in itself. Leaving BHU behind we went to our final halt in kashi, the ghats.

My,my! Tranquility at its peak. You can never have done with the beauty and serenity. You can spend innumerable hours sitting on the ghats without talking to anyone by simply gazing the gently flowing water of holy Ganga. You can also opt for boating, an experience that will dissolve all your stress, fatigue and worries into thin air.

Rejuvenated with calm waters of Ganga we took the way back to home. Icing on the cake was newly constructed road between babatpur and varanasi which reduced our travel time and saved us from weariness.

Next day we woke up early morning as I’m an early bird and a health freak. We went to jaunpur fort for morning walk. I’m a pro in undermining self possessions. And thus I have been heedless to this historical monument. Well, it’s better late than never. Though I have been to the fort when I was a kid but now after so many years it was obvious to feel like first time. The greenery and peaceful ambience was peerless. And it was a good start for Jyoti’s birthday. We went to Atala mosque, Shahi pool afterwards.

Birthday evening was celebrated in pure indian style at BATI-CHOKHA. Food served in leaves plates and earthen pots was delicious as anything. From the cake-cutting to the food, everything was perfect.

Next day we woke up early morning again even earlier than the previous one as she has to board the train to her city. And this is how the three day trip of hers ended.

And trust me freinds during these three days one thing that I realized the most was gather all itsy-bitsy happiness, it will eventually become immense. Spend time with your friends, family and loved ones. In today’s hectic life schedule we are leaving behind the fun of stupid talks with friends, crazy and insane acts of them. All we do is Hi, Hello on social media and back out from group plans in the name of work.

Enjoy your lives along with your work and make your own life stressfree.


An engineer’s life as a primary teacher…

“Bare feet children with filthy clothes, unkempt hair and running nose, going berserk in close to collapsing building with teachers engrossed either in chit chatting or in knitting” this was my perception of typical government primary school. Well it wasn’t my illusion or fantasy, it was one of my hazy childhood memories of summer vacations.

Being born in 90s, unlike today’s cheeky and sassy kids we used to be obeyers, reluctantly or unreluctantly we complied with our elders’ orders and one of those orders used to be visiting our family’s ancestral home every summer vacation to stay connected to our roots. It was one of these visits when I once went to the primary school.
Being a kid I was on Cloud Nine for such freedom in a school. No rules, no discipline, no pretension of studying nothing else. Hooky, traunt words must be greek to them for teachers were seldom concerned of the students and their studies. From this experience of mine I learnt that primary school means no studies.

Now taking a hop from my childhood to my present life. (the mid section I’ll discuss in later posts)

I am a teacher in one such primary schools. Before joining I had one thing in my mind I needn’t go to school and incase I go I needn’t teach but back in my mind I was afraid as well that it had been 2 decades since I went to a primary so things must have been changed.
when I first visited my school my jaw fell to the floor because during these donkeys years the filthy condition of children was still the same . Though the government had gone extra Miles to give a basic standard of life by providing them clothes, books, shoes,socks, MDM etc then why the condition was still the same?

I then promised myself that I’d #bethechange.. I will bring a change that can contribute to clean and educated village which in turn will contribute to clean and developed India.
from day one I started making the kids aware of ill effects of being barefoot, wearing dirty clothes, spitting here and there. I told them how vulnerable they would be to fatal diseases if they kept dirty and long nails.
I introduced modern technology to them by showing videos of poems on YouTube, clicking their pics, making videos of them(it wasn’t so that they didn’t know about mobiles and laptops), I tried my best to make studies fun instead of a burden.
saturday was set aside for #nobagday which eventually became the favourite day of the week.. Yoga, Origami, painting, sketching, models etc were now an indispensable part of rural kids.
Soon the most awaited result was apparent children started speaking tuti-futi English from theth Bhojpuri, started wearing clean and ironed clothes, they even started carrying pocket dictionary, on Saturday they used to play English vocab antakshari and such teeny weeny changes were beyond number….

Now that my school has changed and I’m in an English medium primary school which is 1 km earlier than my previous one.

I felt greatly contended when 15 of my students changed their school and admitted themselves in the same school that of mine and chose to walk 3 kilometres daily. Then I felt the sense of responsibility that I have to work my hardest to give them the most I can. Thus we teachers are toiling ourselves each day for innovative teaching.
some of my and my fellow teachers’ works are 👇..

To some of you, it might be something very common but those who have seen the real face of government primary schools will understand.

Signing off see you later…🙏

Divorcing the plastic menace

How conventional is it to go out empty-handed and come back with loads of plastic Carrybags..isn’t it? We blame the non-biodegradability of plastic for pollution but this trait is not the culprit, the indolence of human being is. The improper use and careless discarding of plastics is posing threat to our own existence and tarnishing the beauty and purity of mother earth.

During our recent visit to mumbai, my mom and I decided to go for a walk along the Juhu beach. We thought of capturing this moment in camera and look what we got..

My mom’s reaction is priceless and says it all. I don’t need to mention how filthy and dirty the water was! There were loads of plastic debris in sea water. It looks really adorable in movies walking in water with shoes in your hands but trust me don’t even think of doing this you’ll probably get rashes or some allergy.

I mentioned the above incidence just to tell you how plastic is turning ubiquitous and making the picture turns uglier day by day.

Modern plastic was invented by Leo Baeklend. This single-use, non-biodegradable workhorse has endless uses viz medicinal, transportation, construction, defence, agricultural, domestic and many more because of its durability but this property of it is turning it into bane from boon.

Plastic pollution is when plastic starts accumulating rather than decomposing giving rise to negative impact on its surroundings. Every year 100 millions tons of plastic are produced out of which 25% gets accumulated in environment. 70000 tons of plastic is dumped directly into oceans. Since it has been a century we started the use of plastic, we dont know how long will it take to decompose plastic. Some says 500-1000 years or can be longer than that but till then earth would have changed its identity from Blue Planet to Plastic Planet.

The cheapness and easy availability of plastic and on-the-go lifestyle of ours makes us dispense with the plastic anywhere therby choking small waterbodies and tainting the bigger ones. This plastic enters our food chain either via consumption of sea-food or contaminated ground water which in turns causes severe health hazards giving rise to incurable diseases like cancer, deteriorating reproduction system. This menace is massacring aquatic lives. We can’t even burn plastic to get rid of it as it releases poisonous gases that can result in air pollution.

Ironically and surprisingly plastic has reached the world’s deepest trench i.e. Mariana trench where human couldn’t.

To draw the attention of plebians towards this omnipresent menace, Environment day of this year is celebrated with the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. Many states have posed a complete ban over use of plastic carrybags, which need to be implemented in whole country. We should switch to some degradable substitute of plastic like cloth or jute bags this in turn will give a boost to these industries. We should carry our own waterbottles, ensure proper disposal of plastic away from water-bodies. Avoid dumping debris in open. Encourage use of 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle.

As a responsible earthian, its our moral duty to ensure healthy and better life to every living creature and maintain the glory of earth. So everyone should take a formal oath of avoiding plastic as far as possible.

Child Labour: A scar on the face of developing india

Children are considered to be an incarnation of god in our country. So is it Ok to make our god work for us?Children are full of innocence, candidness and dreams and a nation’s future largely depends on the way it treats its children, for these children will lay the very foundation of innovative and futuristic india. But will the evil of child labour let their visionary plans and dreams roll out?

Any children of the age 5 to 14, if engaged in any kind of economic activity will considered to be a child labour as for india. UNICEF says if children between the age of 5 and 14 are employed in some work that promotes their development and do not deprive them of their childhood and schooling won’t be categorised as child labour.

About 17% of total child population across the globe is engaged in labouring and the situation is worst in african and asian countries with Bangladesh ranked no1 and india 5th in child labouring.

The main causes of child labour are poverty, indebtedness, illiteracy, and lack of resources. Poverty-stricken families often employ their children willingly or unwillingly, to eke out a living for starving family. This is probably the biggest reason of child labour. Lack of school and primitive facilities keep the children bereaved of their fundamental rights and hence direct them towards labouring. The greed of cheap labour is also one of the major causes of this globally existing threat.

Though government has implemented an array of laws like The employment of children act (1938), The factories act (1948), The mines act ( 1952), The child labour (prohibition and regulation) act (1986), Juvenile justice ( care and protection) of children act ( 2000) along with it article 21A- right to education, article 24- prohibition of employment of children in hazardous places, article 44- early childhood care and education for children below 6 yrs of age, yet either poor implementation or open breaching of laws is advancing the future of these unprivileged children towards bleakness and ultimately of ours nation.

Elimination of poverty, spreading literacy and awareness, curbing child trafficking and providing basic standards of life are some measures that should be taken to have a check on child labour. Some NGOs like ‘Bachapan bachao’ by kailash satyarthi, CRY , Uday etc are working towards saving the childhood. World day against child labour is sanctioned by International Labour Organization on 12th june to combat this evil.

So, It is not only the duty of government but as a responsible citizen it’s our moral duty to ensure a safe, protected future to kids and bestow them unmutilated childhood.

Pen is mightier than sword

So far we have heard or seen practically, the more gigantic and colossal an object be , the mightier it will be. But does this presumption always hold true? what was in Bulwer lytton’s mind when he said ‘pen is mightier than a sword’? How can a diminutive, feeble and slow pen be mightier than a swift, sharp sword? It’s because power doesn’t always mean robustness and sturdiness, sometimes it refers to the lasting impact.

A pen is immensely mightier than a sword because the power of writing can bring a flourishing kingdom to the brink of devastation and can rebuild a withering and faltering kingdom without bloodshed.

A sword always takes path of war, atrocities and is imbued with blood of evildoers or innocents on the other hand a pen can offer olive branch to any kind of problem.

We sing bravery songs of our progenitors without realising the fact that the intrepidity of the sword has been inked in by the tiny tip of the teensy pen.

Our history is so full of innumerable examples where with the power of writing, writers were able to cause desired tumultness among masses. Like during fight for independence the inculcation of patriotic feeling in the heart of each denizen of india was the result of writings of our freedom fighters.

The power of writing had helped wiping the scar that remained on the face of past societies in the form of Slavery, Sati pratha, Foeticide etc.

A sword can only arouse feeling of disgust, anxiety and dismay while a pen can inspire happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, anxiety and horror.

So the power of pen is enormous, it breaks the boundary which is protected by sword and is limitless. Power of pen and its effect is universal.

So what a pen can do, a sword can’t because sword’s point forces you while pen’s point inspires and guides you.

Why do we need Mother’s Day

‘ I was about to write this article on Women’s Day but laziness took over me and succumbed to it, I gave up the idea of writing.

Well, finally I am here. As mother’s day is at hand and the shopping and gift apps keep on reminding me with a no of notifications every hour asking me to make my Mom’s day special and memorable. Probably you all would have been getting the same. To them this day is just another opportunity to increase their sell but the question that kept on haunting my mind this Mother’s day is ‘Is it worth celebrating Mom’s day once a year?’, ‘Do we really need a day to show our love and affection?’ Do we really need a day to tell them how special they are?’ Won’t it be an irony that the one who protected us in her womb for 270 days won’t get even 90 days of thanx and appeciation (our average life is 80-85).

I am not asking you all to quit celebrating this auspicious day but Parents are next to god on Parent’s day; social sites get overloaded with tonnes of messages, pictures and wishes; wishing on social sites becomes a must to do thing , doesn’t matter we wish them in real or not. And for rest of the year they are tossed aside, this is the real face of our double-faced world.

So all I’m asking is if we can make our creator feel special everyday then why should we wait for 2nd sunday of every may. Please stop being a hypocrite and understand the core value of this day and why the need of this day was felt….

Happy coming days to every mother.🙏🙏👩👩👪